Sunday, June 14, 2009

Friday, June 12, 2009


Had another fabulous day in Barcelona yesterday. We explored the inside of Casa Mila, one of Gaudi´s most famous buildings. The best part was the roof top with chimneys that look like centurions and some that look like ice cream cones. The man was a genius to be sure. We walked around the port, visited the market there and drooled over the huge boats with enormous price tags. After a stroll up and down Les Rambles, watching the street performers, we did a bit of shopping and found a wonderful tapas cafe were we had a drink, ate some excellent food and did some people watching. The fashions here are amazing and the women dress very nicely. It is a shoe lovers heaven. We were quite exhausted by the end of the day as we did a lot of walking which will help wear off the chocolate croissants we keep eating. (it is also a chocolate lovers heaven!)

Today, our last day in Barcelona, we visited another Gaudi building called Casa Batllo. This one was even more amazing. The mosaics and tile work are incredible. He based the work on this building on a nautical theme and got some of his futuristic ideas from Jules Verne. We were once again blown away. I can not believe I have lived to see this!

Some last minute shopping, the bags are bulging, and we are off to the airport for an early morning flight. The sun has not stopped shining, we are beginning to look like the locals. Soon this fairy tale place will just be a memory. You will be pleased to note that I have come up with some great ideas for the rest of my book.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


We said goodbye to Paul´s parents after having a wonderful visit with them and took a train from Alicante to Barcelona. Barcelona - what can I say to do it justice. It is a city that blends the old with the new perfectly. It is magical. We took a bus tour around the city and saw many of the Gaudi buildings, amazing! We stopped at the Sagrada Familia Temple, a cathedral started by Gaudi in 1885 and is still far from being completed. It is breathtaking with a completely different view from every angle. I took over 70 photographs of all the amazing sites and buildings we saw along the route.

That evening we walked the Les Rambles and took in the many sites and booths selling everything from postcards to live chickens and turtles. We ended at the port with the column of Columbus pointing out to sea (but not in the direction of America?). We stopped for a cold drink in a mall and when a young man asked for directions another took my bag. We spent the next 2 hours at the police station where we were treated with the utmost care and kindness. There was no money in my bag but there was my camera, our passports, a credit card and a bank card. When we returned to our room a note was on our door saying that a lady had found my bag and a phone number to contact her. The next morning we retrieved my bag (she lived in an apartment 2 blocks from our hotel) with everything in it except the camera, a change purse with about 3 euros and my favorite red lipstick.

The lesson learned - for every bad person, there are many kind and wonderful people in this world.

I was upset about loosing all my pictures though but Paul kindly suggested we take the tour again and he brought his camera this time and took another 100 pictures so all is well. (I had another red lipstick with me in the room as well!) I had also downloaded the pictures from the first week at my in laws so no pictures were lost. Whew!

In spite of the mishap we still love Barcelona and will do more exploring today.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

More sun!

The sun will not stop shining, it is incredible. We visited a place called Elche yesterday. It is surrounded by palm trees planted by the Moors and is quite lovely. We had lunch in Alicante overlooking the marina and then took a long walk along the mosaic tiled esplanade. Spent some time on the beach while Paul had a beer in the shade. In the evening Paul´s folks treated us to a fabulous meal at a restaurant called Christopher's. After a moonlit walk by the seashore we fell into bed completely satisfied.

Today, Friday, we walked the 2 mile Playa Flamenca market making various purchases along the way. Mary made us a wonderful lunch which we ate on the patio and relaxed in the sun. We could get used to this life style quite easily.
The picture is of the garden outside our apartment at the resort. Our patio overlooks this. A little piece of heaven.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Here in Spain!

After a long but uneventful flight we landed in Barcelona. Had a great sleep and a fab hotel, caught the train to Alicante the next morning, arrived at our resort in Torrevieja that evening.
Our place is great and looks over a beautiful garden and is a 5minute walk to the beach.
Took a drive to the mountain top village of Guadalest where we had some spectacular views of the countryside. There is an interesting small church right on the edge.
We also visited a shoe outlet with hand made leather shoes, I couldn't resist buying a couple of pairs of course!
Have been spending time with the folks who are doing well, also had some nice meals at outdoor cafes by the beach.
Life is good!